How to Reuse Decals

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 One of the main hiccups in replacing your pinball machine ramp is finding replacement decals. Most of the time, you can actually reuse your decals! Follow along to see how.

Products I used for this tutorial:


Here we have a Stern Nascar ramp. These Stern decals are actually much thinner than the old Bally/Williams decals, but we can still reuse them!


Stern Nascar Ramp


We will use a can of canned air while inverted to freeze the glue holding the decal on. 

Canned Air
Invert the canned air, and spray the liquid all over the decal. Then use a fingernail or knife edge to peel a corner away. You should be able to freely begin dislodging the decal. If it stops peeling, stop pulling and reapply the liquid from the canned air.


Once you have the decal removed, use some goof off, goo gone or other cleaner to remove any remaining adhesive from the decal. Once the decal is clean, we can apply new adhesive.

We will use 3M brand 468MP adhesive sheets to reapply the decal. This material is nothing more than an extremely thin layer of adhesive with no substrate. This material is available on Amazon, and will most often be sold under the "Gizmodorks" label.

Peel some of the backer paper off, and carefully apply the decal to the adhesive.
Using a sharp blade, trim the decal away from the rest of the adhesive sheet.


Now you can apply the decal to the finished ramp. Looks like new!

Products used in this tutorial:


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