Williams Rollergames Main Ramp R-13510

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This ramp is made from the original 3/16" thickness material as the original, but the plastic distribution is better at the ramp entrance and exit. These areas were paper thin on the original ramp, and are now 3x thicker on average.

Note: this ramp requires an above average amount of work to install

You will have to transfer over the flasher boards and flasher domes from your original ramp. There are currently no aftermarket sources for these boards. Remove them with care from your old ramp. The flasher dome holes are sized for 6-32 thread cutting screws. If your screws are gunked up and do not bite well, an 8-32 machine screw will fit the holes in the domes and thread nicely into these same holes. You could also use a slightly longer 6-32 machine screw with a nut. Take note as to the direction the domes are mounted. The rivet holes for the flasher boards are machined slightly larger than the dome screw holes. I used 9/32" long rivets with backup washers to attach the light boards. 
9/32" Rivets
Backup Washers

Transferring over the gates and switches will require some light soldering, because the wires are run through access holes in the ramp and will need to be disconnected and reconnected.

You will need to transfer over the top and bottom decals from the old ramp. An easy method for reusing the bottom side decals can be found here: How to Reuse Decals
 was not successful with transferring over the top decals for my original, and there currently no source for new decals here. Please keep that in mind.

There are over 85 holes which have had to be reproduced in accurate locations on this ramp. Given the nature of pinball manufacturing, there is a good chance that your machine may have slight differences in some mounting hole locations compared to my test machine. You may need to slot a hole or two to ensure fitment on your specific machine. I prefer to use a rotary tool and a Dremel #194 cutting bit for slotting holes- these are available at most of the big box home centers. Again, this is not a plug and play beginner friendly ramp install and I want to give full disclosure before customers decide to order. You should always be aware that any reproduction ramp may have to have some adjustments made to fit each specific machine. 

A new updated ramp cover can be found here: Updated Rollergames Ramp Cover

The "Hardware Only" version of the ramp cover upgrade can be found here: Rollergames Ramp Cover Hardware Only

Due to box sizes, this ramp will ship separately from the cover, should you choose to order both. 

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